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My Faberge Style Eggs

This Rhea was cut apart in 16 pieces and 13 pieces were rearranged.

Double Yoke 

Goose Egg

Ice Maiden

Rhea Egg

Gold Threads with quail eggs are inside

This Emu egg was painted with enamel car paint and lined with satin.

Anniversary Egg

Emu Egg


Picture of my parents wedding in 1946.  The base was made from a wine glass and the egg is a Rhea egg.

Three Eggs



The First Egg is a Rhea Egg.  Filigreed with handmade flowers and  stones.

This egg was carved from an ostrich egg.  It has a goose egg carved and decorated with crystals.  The outside of the large egg, I used pearls. 

A Goose egg was decorated to match first egg.  

Third egg is a duck egg with handmade flowers.


Goose Egg

These eggs were cut, carved with an air tool and a dremel.

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