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Sharon Gillespie Bio

Art ...has always been an expression of my emotions… Creating art through various mediums has been my gateway to discovery, a part of who I am. I have always loved creating, learning about an object’s essence and finding out how it is structured. Even the act of buying art supplies gave me a feeling of a new beginning and a renewal of my life’s journey. 

Over the years I have owned and operated several craft and art-related businesses. Along the way, from sorting findings, to selling supplies for making jewelry, to designing and creating my own jewelry, I continued to develop my craft. As it turns out, everything I did helped lead me to my passion, teaching classes.

When I discovered Precious Metal Clay, it sparked my imagination and changed my entire focus. I found out that this medium has few limitations. It is easy to work with, and quick to transform from an inspiring idea to a completed design. I took classes from all my favorite artists, and I eventually became a PMC Senior Teacher with PMC Connection, Inc. I now teach Art Clay Silver and I am a Senior Teacher. I do classes in both kinds of clay and certify in Art Clay Silver.

Along my path, I’ve taught at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Purdue University-PMC World Conference, and at the Collage Gallery and Studio, Waco, Texas. I currently teach at Mill House McKinney and at my home studio in Fairview, Texas.

I love the situation of seeing a student create something that she didn’t know she could do. Every day I learn something new, and hope to share it.

Come join the fun! My jewelry is displayed at one of my two studios in Fairview, TX Call me at: 214-587-7379. Email me at:      My studio is located in downtown McKinney at "Last Art Gallery"   I give classes here also.

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